Check out videos of The Pities, The Parkway Charlies, and some from members of The Pities in other bands, past and present...

Super-High Moon:
The closing track from BELIEVE IN SOUND, animated by the visual artist Jelani John.

Point Pleasant:
From BELIEVE IN SOUND, with a video edited by Deborah Davis>.

Live @ Tierney's, Montclair, NJ - 11/3/12:
"What If Everyone Is Wrong?" from BELIEVE IN SOUND

(Thanks to Robert Galgano of All Over The Place Internet Radio for shooting and posting this footage...)

Live @ The Rent Party, South Orange, NJ - 6/8/12:
A new song, "Solomon."

"Super-High Moon" from BELIEVE IN SOUND.

(Thanks to Robert Galgano of All Over The Place Internet Radio for shooting and posting this footage...)

Live On The Waterfront, Hoboken, NJ - 6/21/12:
All new songs: "Harold Lane," "Sick Of Being A Fool," "Lost My Place In A Small Town," and "A Song For Jude."

(Video shot by Martha Pickerill.)

Live @ Tierney's, Montclair, NJ - 1/14/12:
"Looking For Wonder," from BELIEVE IN SOUND. (Featuring Sara Bonesteel on viola. Thanks, Sara!)

(Video shot by Ken Meyer.)

RIP Alex Chilton - Hat City Kitchen, Orange, NJ - 3/18/10:
The night the world learned of the passing of the great songwriter/performer Alex Chilton, Matt D. and Billy - along with some of their like-minded musical friends - took to the stage at Hat City Kitchen to sing and remember. This rendition of "Kanga Roo" is from that sad night in March, 2010. It's a Big Star number that Billy and Matt played as Vestrymen...

Videos From: The Parkway Charlies
Who are The Parkway Charlies???

Live @ Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ - 5/28/10 (Part 1):
The Pities' alter-ego band playing "What If Everyone Is Wrong?" and Michael Carlucci's song "Faded Pictures."

Live @ Maxwell's, Hoboken, NJ - 5/28/10 (Part 2):
The Charlies rip through their cover of Queen's "Dragon Attack" as well as the title track from The Thousand Pities' album BELIEVE IN SOUND.

Live @ The Music Hall of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY - 9/20/09:
The Charlies' performace at the release party for CIAO MY SHINING STAR: THE MUSIC OF MARK MULCAHY. Joined by stellar vocalist Lane Gardner, The Charlies play their version of Mulcahy's "4:04" and The Pities' anthem "Believe In Sound."

The Pities' Other Band Lives
The various Pities perform in former and other current bands! (We support moonlighting.)

"Yellow Radio" - The Vestrymen (1993):
Matt Davis and Billy Donohue in their first band together. Directed by Paul Devlin.

"Wait Til The Morning" - Winter Hours:
Michael Carlucci's band Winter Hours were a college radio staple. Plus, indicating different times, Michael can be seen wielding a Les Paul rather than a Telecaster!

"Blood Is Worthless" - Life In A Blender:
Pity Ken has been playing drums with Life In A Blender for 20+ years! Here they are in a 2009 performance at 92YTribeca in NYC.

"Playing All Night Long" - The Blasés:
Ah, the ceaseless wonders of ecstatic Power Pop! A short-haired Billy Donohue with his legendary Jersey outfit The Blasés. Filmed at New Brunswick's Court Tavern for extra Garden State cred.

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